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Valorisation of Animal By-products - Challenges and Opportunities A Joint AD Network/FoodWasteNet Event Centre Parcs, Longleat - 7 Mar 18 - 10.00 to 16.30 This event is FREE to attend and is open to AD and FoodWasteNet members. This event will examine current and emerging technologies for the valorisation of animal by-products (ABP) and co-products. The programme will include case study presentations from academia, industry, and governmental organisations working in this area and aims to identify the key challenges (e.g. technology, safety, regulation) and opportunities for the valorisation of these types of biomaterials. The programme will focus on following three inter-related themes: Valorisation strategies for fisheries/slaughterhouse/egg by-products and co-products The role of anaerobic digestion within potential valorisation strategies Added value products with good potential for commercialisation For interested participants, a tour has been arranged at the end of the event (approximately 3:30 to 4:30) to Malaby Biogas, which handles ABP materials and produces bioenergy. Registration can be done here. The agenda is shown here. The Annual AD Network ECR Conference University of York, 16/17 Jul 18 This entirely free Early Career Researcher event includes attendance, accommodation and a conference dinner. Showcase your work and network amongst peers whilst mingling with representatives from active research groups across the UK. If you would like to join the Scientific Committee, contact us. Register here. Deadlines are as follows: - Abstract and Registration date: 31/3/18 - Acceptance date: 30/4/18 - Poster printing deadline: 24/6/18