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11-12 September 2017 - AD Network Research Colloquium, University of Southampton The AD Network Research Colloquium features talks by recipients of AD Network funded reasearch and special guest speakers and is an excellent chance to keep up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs and acitivity in academia and industry. Topics include: New concepts in anaerobic digestion and biotechnology Selected international projects of significance to the AD industry Experiences with feedstock sourcing and novel feedstocks Monitoring of AD processes Small scale digestion plant - some case histories and opportunities Fundamental research: its contribution to shapingbthe AD industry of the future. Speakers hail from a wide variety of AD network’s industry and academic partners, so topics will be of interest to both academics and practitioners - and there will be plenty of opportunities for networking. This event is FREE to attend and is open to AD Network members. Registration is now closed, but contact us to see if there are late places left. Travel information is here, as well as accommodation information for those with confirmed bookings at Glen Eyre Halls. A provisional agenda is included here, but note that topics/timings may still be subject to change. Monitoring the Microbiome - University of Warwick - 1000-1500 hrs Scientists at The University of Warwick warmly invite you to attend a workshop detailing key findings from the UKs first AD microbiome monitoring project (http://anaerodynamics.com).  Come along to this FREE event on the 14th September at The University of Warwick and hear about the complex microbial communities that reside in anaerobic digesters and how these microbes affect and are affected by operational conditions. Join in discussions on the project’s future and register your interest to be involved as we aim to extend this exciting bioresource.   To register for this event, please send an email to Mary.Coates@warwick.ac.uk A provisional agenda will be published shortly. See our calendar and our news for further events.