BBSRC NIBB Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Network
AD Network Research Colloquium ‘Beyond Biogas’ University of Manchester, 23-25 Jan 19


The above photos show the AD Network PI, Prof Charles Banks; Co-I Prof Orkun Soyer; our joint ECR Poster Prize winners, Dr Jing Chen of the University of Warwick and Steve Oxtoby from Thames Water. Both Jing and Steve received a £200 cheque for themselves and a set of BMP reactors worth £4,500 for their organisations. The AD Network would like to thank CJC Labs for providing these wonderful prizes to these deserving ECRs. More  PHOTOS of the event are available here.

Day 1 Flash Presentations

1. Ms Sarah Farthing – Assessing the feasibility of hydrothermal carbonisation (HTC) for the treatment of AD digestate 2. Dr Matthew Reilly - Electrocoagulation for recovery of nutrients and water from digestate 3. Dr Raffaella Villa - Engineering ammonia resilience 4. Dr Maria Westerholm - Unraveling novel syntrophic propionate oxidizing candidates enriched from high-ammonia biogas digesters 5. Dr Anna Alessi – The Power of Small: Microbial Community Analysis during CO2 Biomethanisation 6. Dr Robert Lovitt – Resources Recovery and Digestate Utilisation 7. Dr Ying Zhang - Biogas methane as a feedstock for a sustainable bioprocessing 8. Dr Robin Curry - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of coupled Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Gasification/Pyrolysis system using the Anaerobic Biorefinery concept 9. Dr Marie Kirby - Dry anaerobic digestion as a valorisation method for chicken manure on-farm Session 1 - Advanced AD for Effluent Treatment 1. KEYNOTE - Professor Tom Curtis - Using Microbial Ecology and Ecological Theory to Engineer Biology Now and in the Future 2. Prof. Dr. Ir. Jules Van Lier - Exploring Non-Conventional Applications 3. Professor Bruce Jefferson - Understanding the challenges in implementation of anaerobic based flow sheets 4. Professor Vincent O’Flaherty - Scale-up stories: High Rate Ambient Temperature AD for Wastewater Treatment Session 2 - Optimisation of Digester Metabolic Performance 1. Professor Jerry Murphy - The role of biogas in greening the gas grid 2. Dr Yue Zhang - Competing demands for trace elements in anaerobic digesters 3. Dr Jan Dolfing - The holy grail: anaerobic treatment of domestic wastewater at low temperatures 4. Professor Paul Scherer - A new concept for trace element supplementation of biogas plants as based on microbial cell counts and retention time 5. Professor Orkun Soyer - Methanogenic microbial community dynamics from natural and synthetic systems 6. Professor Anna Schnurer - Substrate directed management for optimized biogas process performance 7. Professor Sonia Heaven - Ammonia: technical challenges and solutions for high nitrogen substrates DAY 2 - FRI 25 JAN 19 Session 3 - Alternatives and Complements to Methane as AD Products 1. Dr Alba Serna Maza - Demonstration of an integrated innovative biorefinery for the transformation of municipal solid waste into new biobased products 2. Mr Peter Speller - The role of AD within a MSW based biorefinery 3. Dr Andrew Ross - Opportuities for the integration of hydrothermal carbonisation with anaerobic digestion 4. Professor Richard Dinsdale - Alternative product streams from anaerobic digestion 5. KEYNOTE - Professor Willy Verstraete - Anaerobic Digestion - Beyond the Paris Agreements 6. Dr Mike Mason - Rethinking Carbon - a new global role for anaerobic digestion 7. Dr Les Gornall - Six AD pieces Session 4 - Biogas Upgrading and Carbon Capture Through Biomethanisation 1. KEYNOTE - Professor Irini Angelidaki - Biogas: An Important Process of the Bioeconomy 2. Dr James Chong - Measuring microbial community changes in AD 3. Professor Sandra Esteves - High rate biomethanation delivered by mixed microbial cultures - pathways and performance 4. Dr Simon Rittmann - The physiology and biotechnology of pure culture biological methane production from H2 and CO2 5. Professor Michael Chesshire - In-Situ Biomethanation Pilot Project 6. Professor Charles Banks - In-situ biomethanisation - results and opportunities