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BIV and PoC Publically Available Summaries

and Final Reports

As the AD Network finishes on 18 Mar 19, we are no longer providing any funding for BIVs or POCs. However, we will be expanding our remit as one of six NIBB II Networks. See here. The publically available summaries for all Business Interaction Vouchers awarded by the AD Network are available here. Final reports for BIVs completed thus far are here. Publically available summaries for all Proof of Concept projects are here, with final PoC reports found here. Seeding Catalyst Videos and Reports The BBSRC Seeding Catalyst Awards are to accelerate the transition from discovery research to translational development projects by supporting preliminary work or feasibility studies to establish the viability of an approach. Publically available summaries are here. The final reports were done in the form of videos and are available as follows: 1. SC2017002 - In-situ biomethanisation for small scale biogas upgrading 2. SC2017003 - Thermal pre-treatment of aerobic granular sludge to enhance digestibility for AD 3. SC2017004 - Biogas methane as a feedstock for sustainable bioprocessing 4. SC2017005 - Determining the influence of feedstocks on digestate fibre for mushroom compost 5. SC2017007 - Characterising marine-based microbial communities for commercial AD Early Career Travel Bursaries & Secondments- UK & Overseas The AD Network has travel bursaries available to help fund UK-based Network members attend and travel to and from national and international events/meetings which have an academic focus on anaerobic digestion. Bursaries of up to £100 are available for travel within the UK for any Network Member and awards of up to £1500 are available for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to travel overseas. Download our Guidance document here, and the application form for up to £100 here and for ECRs here. Secondments are assessed on a case-by-case basis (guidance is here and the application form is here) but time is running out to apply. Do let us know if you have something in mind – we welcome informal enquiries. Previous recipients have benefited from: •             a technical visit - SEMT Korea •             a two week workshop on Quantitative Laws II in Italy •             learning additional methods for AD metagenomes analysis in Denmark (photo above: Dr Anna Alessi and Prof Mads Albertsen, visit documented here.) •             attending the OpenLB Spring School, Germany •             a training course on Microbial Diversity, USA   Just make a case for why you need the Secondment to further UK AD Research. Perhaps there is a specific skill you wish to learn so you can train others in your Faculty or Department? Is there a specialist course, essential to your research, in a particular topic area that you simply cannot access in your own University? You will need to explain why you need to do this at another location and how it will  benefit the wider skill base of AD research. Recipients are solely responsible for all arrangements (including Risk Assessments, Liability and Insurance) but we can reimburse up to £2000 towards a UK placement and up to £3000 towards an overseas placement. All Secondment awards must be complete (including final report and expenses claim) by the end of the Network (Feb 2019).We still have a number of Secondment Awards available for UK academics to access relevant training or placements in the UK or Overseas.

Workshops and seminars

If you would like to hold a meeting on an AD related topic, we can help. Funds of up to £1500 are available for industry/academic workshops, funding specific workshops, specialist meetings and other networking events. For more information, download the Guidance and Application Form. If you have any questions, please do contact us.

Grants to put research in open access publications

A lot of academics don’t realise that it is almost impossible for non-academics to access their research. Take advantage of the AD Network’s funding to make your paper available to a much wider audience by applying for a grant for open access publication. Just contact us with your name, the name of the paper, it’s authors/institutions, the name of the journal, the cost and a line or two on why you’d like your work to be open access - it’s well worth doing!

Other funding & collaboration opportunities

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The 13 Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBB) are coming towards the end of

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