BBSRC NIBB Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Network
Valorisation of Animal By-Products - Challenges and Opportunities A joint AD Network/FoodWasteNet Event Center Parcs, Longleat - 7 Mar 18

Presentations are here:

1. Angela Bywater, University of Southampton - AD Network/FoodWasteNet Funding 2. Mr Adrian Kesterson, FabraUK - An overview of the UK Animal by-products processing industry and opportunities to maximise value from ABPs 3a. Christine Walsh (presented by Durkan/Kesterson), Meat & Livestock Commercial Services - Making the most of the 5th quarter 3b. John Durkan, ABP food Group - Doing More with Less 4. Lucy Montgomery, NNFCC - Business services for SMEs in the bioeconomy: BioBase4SME and SuperBIO 5. Professor Carole Perry, Nottingham Trent University - Egg processors; mineral and biologicals, opportunities for waste valorisation 6. Dr. Jonathan Williams, Pennotec Ltd - New products and value chains from crustacean processing waste. Please contact him: jonathan.williams[at] 7. Dr Marie Kirby, Harper Adams University - Two separate valorisation methods for pig carcases: AD and carcase cooling