BBSRC NIBB Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Network

AD Network Research Colloquium

University of Southampton, 11-12 Sep 17

Presentations: Day 1 Dr Sigrid Kusch - Is anaerobic digestion a truly sustainable solution or organic wastes in Europe? Dr Panagiotis Kougias - Biomethanisation - opportunities for anaerobic digestion Dr Guenther Bochmann - Trickle bed reactors for biomethanisation Dr Denise Cysneiros - Commercial experience in using the Economizer as a pretreatment for straw Paal Jahre Nilsen - CAMBI’s potential applications: beyond wastewater biosolids Prof Ralph Noble - Mushroom compost - a potential biogas resource? Dr Nick Cheffins - Harvesting our roadsides for biogas Jorgen Fink - Nitrogen removal from chicken manure using NIX process technology Mat Stewart - Better handling solutions for waste feedstocks Dr James Chong - Shotgun metabolomics - mapping new products and metabolites in AD Nick Thompson - Integration of AD in a biorefinery - lessons from the FIBERIGHT demonstration plant in Virginia Dr Sonia Heaven - Ammonia removal - opening opportunities for new feedstocks and nutrient recycling Dr Yadira Bajon Fernandez - The evidence supporting enhanced process performance from CO2 injection Dr Robert Lovitt - Recovery and purification of fatty acids/nutrients via an integrated membrane freeze/thaw process Day 2 Prof Richard Dinsdale - Phytoactive products in anaerobic digestates Dr Yue Zhang - Making and harvesting VFA using high nitrogen substrates Dr Raffaella Villa - Understanding enzymatic hydrolysis: an overlooked step in the AD process Dr Matthew Reilly - Innovative pre-treatment of straw for enhanced anaerobic digestion Dr Cynthia Carliell-Marquet - Choosing the right trace element supplements to maximise benefits Prof Orkun Soyer - Understanding and engineering AD microbial communities Thomas Minter - Real world challenges in monitoring a food waste digester Avril Banks - Industrial experiences of monitoring feedstocks in AD plants David Ward - Detecting and managing siloxanes in biogas Michael Chesshire - BMAD Successful operation of a small scale catering waste digester Dr Mark Walker - Micro-scale AD at home and abroad - case studies from the UK and India Dr David Fulford - Opportunities for small scale AD systems - a global perspective