BBSRC NIBB Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Network
Integration of Chemical, Biochemical and Thermal Processes A joint AD Network/Supergen Bioenergy Event Priory Rooms, Birmingham, 6 Feb 18, 10.00-4.30

Presentations are here:

1. Prof. Charles Banks, University of Southampton - Autoclave pre-treatment of food waste 2. Mr. Alex Wilcox-Brooke, Severn Wye Energy Agency - RE-DIRECT: Next steps in integrating AD and thermochemical conversion routes to maximise output .3. Dr. Julian Pietryzk, University of Edinburgh - Anaerobic treatments of pyrolysis liquors 4. Prof. Michael Theodorou, Harper Adams University - Strategies for recovery of energy and chemicals from biomass 5. Dr. Yang Yang, Aston University - Slow pyrolysis of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and screening of the aqueous product for AD 6. Dr. Ondrĕj Mašek, University of Edinburgh - Biochar and pyrolysis for ligno-cellulosic materials 7. Dr. Andrew Ross, University of Leeds - Opportunities for integration of hydrothermal processing and anaerobic digestion 8. Prof. Richard Dinsdale, University of South Wales - Electrochemical systems for enchanced product recovery from anaerobic fermentation 9. Dr. Valerie Dupont, University of Leeds - NWaste2H2: Decreasing N2O and CO2 emissions from wastewater treatment plants by co-reforming of the biogas and digestate liquor 10. Mr. Sam Kerr, AMT Technologies - Microwave technology for biomass treatment 11. Patricia Thornley, University of Manchester  - Closing remarks